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A New Era in Free Notation Software

MuseScore, the world’s most popular free and open source composition software has been completely overhauled.
Welcome to MuseScore 4.
“MuseScore 4 is much easier to use and is far more powerful and capable than previous versions. It also has new engraving standards and playback that easily competes with the best any paid application has to offer.” Martin Keary, Product owner at MuseScore.
Seeing is believing. The passion and toil rings loud and clear in every individual major development to MuseScore 4’s interface, playback, engraving quality, capability and accessibility. This new release puts MuseScore 4 in pole position to take on its competitors.

What’s in this release?

All new intuitive interface (UX/UI)

  • A sleek new interface that makes working with scores faster and more intuitive
  • Highly customisable UX and UI for a frictionless creation process
  • The choice to customise the interface based on personal preference; giving the options of light, dark and high contrast themes, as well as the preferred accent colour
  • A new ‘Home’ tab offering access to video tutorials, plugins and recent scores
Muse Sounds, VST effects and VSTi support
  • An entirely new playback engine and mixer
  • Support for Muse Sounds, our new hyper-realistic playback instruments
  • VSTi and VST effects support which can be added using the new mixer panel
  • An overhaul to our engraving engine includes new systems for horizontal spacing, slurs, ties, beaming, cross-staff notation and support for a wider variety of notation fonts
Designed for accessibility
  • Enhanced screen reader support, customisable high-contrast mode, enhanced keyboard navigation and braille export
Cloud Storage & Publishing
  • You can save your work privately online
  • Musicians can create their own portfolio of music, sharing their compositions directly with the world’s largest sheet music community on

Introducing Muse Hub

Muse Hub is a new macOS and Windows app that streamlines the experience of downloading and installing Muse Group products. The Hub also contains great free content, such as Muse Sounds and MuseFX, and keeps everything up to date automatically.
  • Muse Sounds is a new and constantly expanding line of instrument packs created specifically for realistic playback from notation. To celebrate the launch of Muse Sounds, we’re releasing an incredibly detailed, complete symphony orchestra with a beautiful choir pack completely free.
  • MuseFX is a suite of studio-quality real time VST3 effects designed to lift your mix to the next level. At launch, Muse Hub contains 11 free MuseFX effects for you to enjoy - with more to follow.
  • Access a library of over 1,000 royalty-free sound effects directly in Muse Hub, and easily drag n’ drop them into your Audacity or DAW projects.

About Muse Group

Muse Group is a music technology company that maintains large online communities for sharing sheet music, audio and guitar tablature, as well as audio editing, music education and music notation software.
Our primary mission is to serve musicians by providing them with free resources and creation tools.
Muse Group believes all creatives can be pioneers and further advocates the values of inclusivity, accessibility and rewarding talent, thereby fully supporting the MuseScore mission to unreservedly provide opportunities for creative expression for all based on true talent and passion for music, rather than on the basis of accessibility of, or the ability to, afford music creation tools.
For professionals. For students. For everyone. Forever.
MuseScore 4.
Music with no limits.