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StaffPad is joining Muse Group!

An exciting partnership, a shared vision, and an ambitious goal

We’re excited to announce that StaffPad is now part of the Muse Group family!

Muse Group is a collection of brands exclusively focused on providing the best possible tools for every kind of musician, with exciting and dynamic products like Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore, Audacity, ToneBridge and MuseClass… plus more in development and yet to announce.

StaffPad’s co-founder David William Hearn says: “I’m thrilled that StaffPad has found a home amongst a collective of dynamic creatives and entrepreneurs; kindred spirits driven to build the best possible experience for every composer and musician. StaffPad has grown over the past decade from a simple idea into a flourishing and revolutionary tool which composers love writing with. Matthew, myself, and the whole development team are committed, energised and excited to utilise our increased resources to take larger leaps forward in StaffPad’s evolution. 

Joining Muse Group opens up exciting opportunities for collaboration and synergies as part of a wider ecosystem and suite of tools that work together to inspire and bring something for everyone. We’re very much looking forward to the future and accelerating StaffPad’s continued development!”

Matthew Tesch, co-founder, adds: “Even in its early stages, this collaboration with other passionate creators has generated new exciting plans; I can't wait to share more of what is coming!  Most importantly, I am thrilled about how the additional resources available within Muse Group will enable an even better experience for our users, allowing us to more rapidly improve the quality and features of StaffPad.”

“We have seen StaffPad as an innovator, in fact the leading innovator, in the music notation segment from the very beginning. They were first to market with handwritten notation recognition and have created the most realistic playback on the market, efficient enough to work on a mobile device.” says Daniel Ray, Head of Strategy for Muse Group “We are excited to welcome these innovations and the innovators themselves into the Muse Group family.”

About StaffPad

StaffPad is a music composition app designed for mobile, designed for handwriting recognition and touch, with a focus on intuitive design, high quality playback and real time, collaborative part sharing amongst many musicians.

About Muse Group

Muse Group is a collection of brands focused on a shared purpose – to continually improve the quality of life for the ordinary musician.

We create tools, communities, and content for musicians via some of the best-known brands in digital music and audio such as Ultimate Guitar, Audacity, MuseScore, MuseClass, Tonebridge, and StaffPad.

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