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Muse Group Acquires Audacity; Expanding Commitment to Free Open Source Software

World's most popular audio editing software joins most popular music notation software to become open source creative suite

LIMASSOL – APR 30, 2021 – Today we are pleased to announce that Audacity has joined the Muse Group family of brands.

Muse Group is a collection of brands exclusively focused on providing tools and resources for any musician at every stage of their personal development. Audacity joins a portfolio of well-known music brands such as Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore, MuseClass, and ToneBridge.

This acquisition expands Muse Group's commitment to free open source software for creators, pairing the world's most popular audio editing software with the world's most popular notation software.

Audacity is a vital addition to the family due to its focus on high quality audio editing, which furthers the core aim of the company – to continually improve the quality of life for the ordinary musician.

The tens of millions of users of Audacity can rest assured that the software will remain forever free and open source. We are committed to providing the resources needed to develop exciting new features and improvements that address the needs of current users, while also supporting a wider range of musicians, podcasters, broadcasters, teachers and researchers.

Audacity co-founder Dominic Mazzoni says "I'm proud of how Audacity has achieved so much success over the years, but there are many features and user interface improvements that I've always wanted Audacity to have, but were difficult to achieve as a small, community-supported project. I'm thrilled that Audacity is now part of the Muse Group, which has a proven track record of building high-quality and powerful creative tools for users while keeping them free and open-source."

Co-founder Roger Dannenberg adds "Watching Audacity grow from an idea in a research lab to a worldwide phenomenon, and working with the great people that made it happen, has been a great thrill. I am looking forward to this new chapter in the life of Audacity, which I expect will be better than ever."

"As we have done with MuseScore, we will be working closely with Audacity's open source community helping it to continue to flourish" says Martin Keary, Head of Creative Software for Muse Group. "The contributor community is the heart and soul of Audacity and our job is to make their lives easier by providing design and development support."

About Audacity

Audacity is the world's most popular audio editing software, used by musicians, podcasters, dance choreographers, teachers, researchers, and more. Available free for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, for the past 20 years Audacity was led by a small core team but thrived thanks to the contributions of hundreds of programmers, translators, forum participants, and testers who generously contributed their time. Audacity development is now being led by Muse Group.

About Muse Group

Muse Group is a collection of brands focused on a shared purpose – to continually improve the quality of life for the ordinary musician.

We create tools, communities, and content for musicians via some of the best-known brands in digital music and audio such as Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore, MuseClass, Tonebridge, StaffPad, and now Audacity.