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Jira Administrator - Muse Group
Muse Group creates the world's most popular software and communities for musicians.
We develop software for music composition and production, build extensive content catalogues and continually innovate to improve the quality of life for the ordinary musician. This makes Muse Group the fastest growing company in the Music Technology segment.

Today, Muse Group reaches over 400 million users worldwide through its portfolio of software, mobile apps and online services that includes Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore, Audacity, StaffPad and more.

We are now looking for a specialist to maintain and develop Jira, automate business processes, set up Confluence and OKR-board integration, and provide service assistance to employees in case of any issues with Jira settings, i.e. we are looking for a Jira Administrator.

You will enjoy working with us if:
  • You are passionate about automating various processes and you like to keep everything in order;
  • You want to work in a company which creates completely new tools and services for musicians;
  • You like not only creating new things, but also perfecting good existing solutions.

What you will do:
  • Automate Jira business processes + develop an internal Help Center
  • Configure the teams' work in Jira
  • Integrate automated Jira processes with other information systems (Huntflow, HiBob, OKR Board, etc.)
  • Provide training and support for employees on Jira rules and procedures (one-stop shop survice)
  • Maintain the current knowledge base and communication tools in an up-to-date and relevant state in terms of content (information is relevant, accessible, and in the correct format): Jira
  • Analyse, research and continuously improve current tools and suggest new tools/systems for company tasks: communication, collaboration, project and task management, knowledge bases

Required qualifications:
  • Advanced experience working in Jira and Confluence, and other Atlassian products
  • Experience in process configuration (process optimization in Jira) and Jira integration with other systems
  • Strong knowledge of functionality, ability to set up and integrate systems
  • Experience in system administration and maintaining approved formats
  • Strong project management skills, ability to meet strict deadlines, multi-tasking
  • English B2 and above

Advanced soft skills:
  • Communication skills (verbal and written), ability to deliver information structurally and systematically, and ability to find the root cause of problems
  • Positive thinking and creative mindset
  • A person who loves to work and puts his/her heart and soul into what s/he creates. A soulless doer is not someone we are looking for.
  • Strong compliance with the company’s values and leadership principles.
  • experience.

We Offer:
  • Reward: competitive salary and opportunity to grow in the rapidly scaling global company.
  • Flexibility: work from home or from a co-working space of your choice.
  • Care: generous health insurance, therapy and assistance in difficult life circumstances.
  • International experience: become part of a global team, from the US to the UK and beyond.
  • Impact: opportunity to influence the development of the music industry and positively impact the lives of millions of musicians around the world.
  • Creativity: we make products for musicians, artists and creators, and so each of us is a bit of a musician.