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Frontend developer - Ultimate Guitar
Muse Group creates the world's most popular software and communities for musicians. Today, Muse Group reaches over 400 million users worldwide through its portfolio of software, mobile apps, and online services that includes Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore, Audacity, StaffPad, and more.
Each product has its own history and audience, for example, Ultimate Guitar is a popular content platform for guitarists and singers, MuseScore is one of the largest sheet music catalogs as well as open-source software for writing original compositions and arrangements, Audacity is an open-source audio editor, StaffPad is an application for creating musical compositions using handwriting recognition.

Our flagship product Ultimate Guitar is looking for a frontend developer.

What you will do:

  • SEO
  • Participate in the process of product localization for different countries
  • Participate in the transition to a new design system
  • Refactoring
  • Product tasks: improvement of the audio player, tutorials, user profile, new features
What we expect from you:

  • Knowledge of basic design patterns (for OOP / FP; React/Redux applications)
  • Good knowledge of JS (ES2019 specification) + flow/typescript
  • Ability to debug/profile a browser
  • Knowledge of progressive enhancement and graceful degradation
  • Knowledge of Git + ability to run tasks from the console
  • Layout skills: accuracy, responsive design, component approach, animation skills

Technology knowledge (if required):
  • Ability to write tests
  • English proficiency
  • Knowledge of crash analytics (Sentry)
  • Experience in optimizing a website for slow networks and weak devices
  • Experience in developing design systems

We offer:

  • Reward: competitive salary and opportunity to grow in the rapidly scaling global company.
  • Flexibility: work from home or from a co-working space of your choice.
  • Care: generous health insurance, therapy and assistance in difficult life circumstances.
  • International experience: become part of a global team, from the US to the UK and beyond.
  • Impact: opportunity to influence the development of the music industry and positively impact the lives of millions of musicians around the world.
  • Creativity: we make products for musicians, artists and creators, and so each of us is a bit of a musician.